Use Cases
Where can you use it
Imagine a place where you wander around and cannot always see an event source. You still want to be informed and what do you have at hand? Your smartphone. So why not use it?

The doorbell

You are in the garden and someone rings at your door. You don't hear it and two frustrated people part without meeting. A scenario that can be prevented from happening by employing the Deurlink™ at your door and the PingMyDroid™ receiver app on your smartphone.
Even in the garden (assuming you don't have a wild-life park in your backyard) you have the possibility to receive your home-WiFi network on your smartphone. The Deurlink™ will send messages to the WiFi network and your smartphone will inform you immediately. No more missed visits.

The monitor

System administrators don't always sit at their terminals to watch over the equipment they administrate. They have to move around and be at a thousand places at the same time. Most often in environments that cover large areas. PingMyDroid™ sends event notifications to the entire WiFi network where every administrator may be notified of the troubles developing. Plugin the PingMyDroid™ notifications with your monitoring system (like Nagios) and never miss an important event, where ever you are.

The limited offer

Ever wanted a great deal at the local mall just to discover that the discount expired? No problem, listen to PingMyDroid™ commercial events at your local mall and get notified of the real deal. A deal that lasts for an hour? No problem, you know it when you are in the neighborhood.
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