Trademark ™
I always wanted to use that ™ sign and finally found a way to use it in a funny yet real way.
  • The trademark PingMyDroid™ may be used in the form "PingMyDroid™ Compatible" or "PingMyDroid™ Compliant" by anyone who distributes software implementing the PMD protocol if the implementation is fully compliant with the PMD protocol as described in the PingMyDroid™ protocol memo.
  • Anybody is free to use the abbreviated protocol identifier "PMDP" as (s)he sees fit.
  • Incidental use or "for reference" use is allowed, but should be accompanied with a source reference.
  • I don't have any lawyers employed (yet). Please keep it that way.
For uses beyond the above scope, contact Vagrearg for possibilities.
Creative Commons License © 2012-2014 Vagrearg