Multicast Event Distribution
Informing differently
Imagine a world of communication. You don't have to, you are already in one.

You are communicating electronically on a daily basis, but are the initiator of the communication. How can you be informed of events without being an initiator?
Enter the realm of PingMyDroid™ and the already existing multicast network. Use your smartphone, personal computer or any other device as a receiver for local and global events. You are the master, you select what you want to hear about. You don't need to initiate the communication, just be prepared to listen.

All PingMyDroid™ communication can be signed for sender identification and verification. You choose what information you want to receive at your terms. PingMyDroid™ communication can be encrypted for transmitting events to a select group of trusted recipients. No eavesdropping on your critical infrastructure.
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